“Thanks+Giving” cartoon art auction


The National Cartoonists Society Foundation is staging “Thanks + Giving,” a unique auction of original artwork, with all proceeds going to help the devastated communities in Texas, Florida, Mexico, and especially Puerto Rico.

More than 125 internationally-renowned creators (and me) have donated original artwork, including Patrick McDonnell (Mutts), Lynn Johnston (For Better or For Worse), Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey), Cathy Guisewite (Cathy), Al Jaffee (MAD Magazine), Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman (Zits), Rick Kirkman (Baby Blues), and many other well-known creators. Vintage comic strips and comic art will also be available to bid on. The address for the week-long auction which ends Thursday, Nov. 30th is: www.HA.com/NCS 

This is a rare chance for fans of comics and collectors of comic art to obtain a unique piece of memorabilia, and at the same time give aid and comfort to those who still desperately need help.

All proceeds will be sent to Direct Relief.





3 thoughts on ““Thanks+Giving” cartoon art auction

  1. My name is linden. I’d like to write a letter. Could you please tell me where to mail it? I love to have my mom read The Family Circus. My favorite one is when Dolly says to Jeffy, you didn’t get the fly, but that raisin will never walk again.

  2. My 3yr old granddaugther put a smile on everyone’s face in the ice cream parlor the other day.
    She was looking at the menu board with all the different pictures of ways to order her favorite ice cream. When it came her turn to order she said, “Papa, can I have a Monday?”.
    She was dead serious but it sure cracked everyone up in the store. Feel free to use it. It would be worth the price of admission to see it in print.

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